I live in Echo Park, Los Angeles, and spend my days on-site, or painting and designing in my studio in Chinatown.

My ‘9 to 5’ is with Studio Tutto which I formed with my dear friend, Henenssy Christophel. Crazy enough, we met in highschool. 

I grew up in Sacramento, California with two creative parents.
My mom is a master gardener (nature worshiper), naturalist, and stylist. Dad is a photographer, Buddist, activist, and mentors young artists as a leader in the arts community up in Sac. Both of them have many arms to their creative practices and basically gave me all the ingredients I needed to become a professional artist.

My talented partner, Keith Ochwat, is a leader in the documentary world and is the founder of Show & Tell. 

I am surrounded by beauty and I do my best to translate that into meaningful artwork to share. 

I love to connect - don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions about a particular art piece, or to arrange a studio visit anytime!